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Which Boiler Is Best To Buy?

With so many options and brands to choose from it can be difficult to know what boiler is best for you to buy.

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There are many things you should consider when deciding what boiler to buy and we have lots of information on our website to help you choose the right boiler for your home. It’s important to make sure you consider the lifetime reliability and performance quality when deciding on a new boiler and not just the cost.

Below are some of the most important factors you need to consider when deciding what boiler to buy:

Boiler Brand

When choosing which boiler is right for you, many people will initially look at the boiler manufacturer. We install a wide variety of boiler brands which means we can help you to choose the perfect boiler. Each brand has a range of strengths and we can advise you on which boiler brand is best suited to your home based on your circumstances and needs. We can also advise you on the warranty periods for the boilers we sell, reassuring you that your boiler is covered should anything go wrong.

Fuel type

Boilers are powered by different fuels and the boiler that you need will largely depend on the fuel options that are available to you. Gas boilers tend to be the most popular heating option. However, if you live in an area where mains gas is not available, you may want to look at an alternative fuel such as LPG or oil. An electric boiler is also an option for homes that don’t have a gas connection but it’s good to bear in mind that electricity could be a more expensive heating fuel option.


The cost of a new boiler is a major influencing factor when deciding which boiler you should buy. Getting a high-quality boiler at a reasonable and fair price is usually a top priority for many people replacing their boiler. It’s important to remember the cheapest boiler deal may not always be the best, and going for a low cost option could mean you’re more likely to spend more in the future on repairs. We can give you an instant, no obligation quote for a new boiler online so you can get an idea of what a new boiler could cost you.

Your homes hot water and heating needs

Boilers are designed to provide different outputs of energy depending on how much you use and how large your home is. Not all boilers will provide the same level of heating, and you’ll need to ensure you choose a boiler that is powerful enough to heat your home.

If you have a home with more than two bathrooms than you will need an entirely different type of boiler to that of a home with only one. The greater your heating and hot water needs, the greater an output you will need your boiler to give.

If you’re still not sure which boiler is the best option for your home then why not let us help you to decide? As we’ve installed over 100,000 boilers in UK homes, we’re the home heating experts.

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