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Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey, appointed by the relevant Health and Safety Authority for each area. By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

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New Boiler Installation

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Simply answer a few multiple choice questions about your existing boiler and we’ll give you a fixed price for a new boiler including all parts and installation[28]

Turning your house into a home

There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying a new boiler. Boiler installations can be complicated, not to mention expensive. You don’t buy a replacement boiler or central heating system every day: it’s a serious investment, and we appreciate that.

That’s why we think it’s important you have as much information as possible about all of our gas boilers and central heating systems so you can understand which boiler is the best choice for your home.

New Boiler Brands

With lots of different boiler brands to choose from we have the experience to advise which boiler will be best suited to your needs. We work with budget installers where the price of a new boiler is a concern and market leaders to make sure you get a great boiler deal that is tailored to your home’s needs.

Worcester Bosch Group

Worcester Bosch is a market leading boiler brand who have been manufacturing boilers in the UK for over 50 years. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar range has been awarded the ‘Which? Best Buy’ for 7 years in a row with Worcester Bosch consumers being the ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ in the Which? Boiler Survey.

Learn more about Worcester Bosch boilers
Vokera boilers logo

Every single Vokera boiler is tested rigorously before leaving the factory so quality is guaranteed as standard. Vokera boilers are designed to be easy to use and reliable. More than one and a half million Vokera boilers and heating products have brought warmth and comfort to customers across the UK & Ireland.

Learn more about Vokera boilers
Ideal Logo

Ideal boilers have been keeping British homes warm for more than 100 years. Ideal boilers come with several prestigious accolades; including a product of the year award in 2014 and reader recommendations from Good Housekeeping magazine. Ideal have a range of intelligent and reliable boilers to keep your home nice and warm.

Learn more about Ideal boilers
Vaillant Logo

Vaillant have been manufacturing innovative heating systems for people all around the world since 1874. Vaillant created the world’s first ever gas fired water heating system with hot water and their current range of ecoTEC boilers are award winning. Vaillant boilers mix German design and UK manufacturing to make high quality boilers.

Learn more about Vaillant boilers
Baxi Logo

Baxi have been manufacturing boilers in the UK since 1866 and have a wealth of expertise. Their wide range of boilers are guaranteed for quality, reliability and safety. Baxi strive to operate in a sustainable and ethical way and have won a range of awards for their work in the boiler industry.

Learn more about Baxi boilers

Glow-worm have been manufacturing reliable heating and energy products in the UK for over 80 years and focus on producing highly efficient and durable boilers to suit every need. They are a leading heating manufacturer in the UK and have a wide range of boiler replacement options available.

Learn more about Glow-Worm boilers

New Boiler Types

Whether you’re looking for a new gas boiler, an LPG or oil boiler replacement we’re here to help! We have a wide range of boilers and fuel options available. If you’re not sure whether you need a new combi boiler or another type of new central heating system, our expert engineers can advise you on the best boiler type for your home.

Gas & LPG boilers

We’re experts at installing boilers across the UK. We offer a wide variety of LPG and gas boilers to suit your home’s needs. A new boiler isn’t a purchase that you make often which is why we think it’s important to know about all your options before your boiler installation.

Learn more about Gas and LPG boilers

Oil boilers

We know that the right oil fired boiler is not just determined by what fits with the size of your home, it also has to fit with your lifestyle. If you need an oil boiler replacement, we have a range of oil combi boilers available to suit your home’s needs.

Learn more about oil boilers

Combi boilers

We have a wide range of high efficiency combi boilers for all your hot water and central heating needs. Combi boilers are a great boiler choice if you want to save space as they combine your heat and hot water into one system. Combi boilers tend to be the most popular type of boiler in the UK, found in around 70% of homes.

Learn more about combi boilers

Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers can be a great replacement boiler choice for homes that have a high demand for hot water. Conventional boilers are also referred to as traditional, regular or heat only boilers. If you need a new boiler installation then a conventional boiler could be suitable for you if your home already has a traditional heating and hot water system.

Learn more about conventional boilers

System boilers

It can be difficult to know which is the best system boiler for you. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the right system boiler for your home’s needs. A system boiler is a great option for homes that have more than one bathroom and would like a constant supply of hot water to many taps at the same time.

Learn more about system boilers

Electric boilers

An electric central heating boiler is a great heating option when other fuels are not available. but electric boilers can be costly to run. We don’t install electric boilers at Help-Link, but we’ve got lots of information on the main differences between electric boilers & gas boilers to help you make an informed choice for your boiler installation.

Learn more about electric boilers

Kitchen boilers

In the UK, it’s not unusual to have your boiler located in the kitchen and we have a variety of small boilers that could even fit in your kitchen cupboard. We have information on what you should consider before having a boiler installed in your kitchen and discuss the issues you might face from having your boiler located in the heart of your home.

Learn more about kitchen boilers

Heating controls


With their products designed in Munich, Germany, Tado seeks to manufacture heating accessories that could revolutionise the way we heat our homes. Their smart thermostats are designed with key features such as geofencing (could help prevent energy wastage when no one’s home), open window detection and smartphone compatibility. Installing a smart thermostat from this brand could help you heat your home in a more convenient and energy-efficient way[2].


Netatmo were founded in 2011 and have quickly become a market leader within the consumer electronics industry. They offer a range of products which are designed to help you look after your home in a way that fits your lifestyle. With the Netatmo thermostat you can control your home heating directly from your phone, PC or tablet and you could save up to 37% on your energy bills [66]

Learn more about the Netatmo thermostat
Nest Logo

The Nest learning thermostat was designed to revolutionise the way that you heat your home. Nest were founded in 2010 and have grown massively over the years. The Nest learning thermostat, now in its third generation, allows you to control your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world through the Nest App.

Learn more about the Nest learning thermostat

Danfoss provide mechanical and programmable room thermostats which are designed to be simple and easy to operate. The Danish company specialise in providing energy efficient and innovative solutions for you to heat your home. We have a range of Danfoss thermostats available that can be installed to work with your current central heating system.

Learn more about Danfoss thermostats
Worcester Bosch Group

Worcester Bosch have used their extensive boiler expertise to offer a wide variety of boiler controls, from more traditional programmable thermostats to internet-enabled smart controls. The Worcester Bosch comfort controls give you the ability to precisely manage your whole central heating system in the most efficient way for your home.

Learn more about Worcester Bosch controls

Honeywell heating controls are designed to provide you comfort in heating your home. Honeywell controls operate your central heating system and the temperature of your house in an easy and effortless way. You can get either wireless or wired Honeywell controls, allowing you to choose the thermostat that best suits your home.

Learn more about Honeywell thermostats

Heating accessories


Your radiators play an important part in your central heating system so it is important to make sure they’re working efficiently. We understand that how your domestic radiators look can also make a huge difference to your home. Whether you want standard radiators to keep your home cosy and warm or the latest Stelrad designer radiators to keep it looking stylish, we have you covered.

Learn more about radiators


Central heating systems often need a powerflush before a new boiler installation to remove any sludge and dirt from the pipes and system, helping to prevent leaks in the future. A powerflush can make your central heating system work more efficiently and allow your radiators to heat quicker. We work with Fernox the global market leader to offer the highest quality powerflush.

Learn more about a powerflush


A boiler magnetic filter can be used to prolong the life of your boiler and make it run more efficiently. Over time dirt and sludge can build up within a boiler which can impact the performance of the boiler. The magnetic boiler filter will pull contaminates towards it as they pass through your system, disposing of them before they reach the important components in your boiler.

Learn more about boiler filters


Selecting a new boiler for your home can be a confusing decision to make. If you’re not sure how much a new boiler could cost, what type of boiler you need or you have other questions that need answering, take a look at our FAQs section.


10 years

We’re confident in the excellence of the boilers we install which is why we offer an extended boiler warranty of up to 10 years. This means that your boiler could be covered for a whole decade after you have purchased it.

Learn more about boiler warranty

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[2] Source: Saving calculated when replacing G rated with A rated boiler in a semi-detached house.

[5] Subject to an annual service at the customer’s expense. Warranty extension from 5-years to 7-years or 10-years only available on Worcester Bosch. Warranty extension from 5-years to 10-years available on Ideal Boilers. All warranty extensions subject to an additional charge.

[8] Up to 30% saving is based on SEDBUK figures when replacing G rated with A rated boiler.

[28] Exclusions apply. See

[66] Source: Netatmo study of its users, between November 2014 to March 2015.