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New Online Boiler Fixed Price Installation Quote

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Fixed Price Quote

1. Would the relocation of my boiler be covered under Fixed Price Quote?

Yes this is covered*. Even if we discover that the boiler needs to be relocated after the contract has been agreed, all parts and labour costs are covered for the relocation.

2. What if when the engineer arrives, there are access or safety issues around working at heights/ladder work and they require scaffolding?

All our engineers are TETRA level 3 ladder and harness trained, but in the event of scaffolding being required for safe access it would be covered up to a value of £425.00 under Fixed Price Quote*.

3. Is asbestos removal covered under Fixed Price Quote?

Testing for asbestos, as well as the safe passage of gas pipes through artex is covered*, however the detection and removal of asbestos boilers and/or flues and/or asbestos insulation board is not included and would be charged for separately.

4. What happens if there is an issue with part of my existing radiators, or pipework supplying the radiators, when you are fitting a new boiler?

When doing system upgrades, we have to utilise large parts of existing pipework. If a problem occurs on your existing system, that is not caused by the installation of your new boiler, this will not covered under Fixed Price Quote and we can provide a quote to repair/replace any faults as appropriate.

5. What if it is discovered my home does not have a main earth connection, is that covered under the Fixed Price Quote?

It is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure that your home has a safe electrical supply. With this in mind, the main earth connection in your home or any rewiring works wouldn’t be included under Fixed Price Quote. However, supplementary earth bonding to water/gas/oil pipes is included in Fixed Price Quote.

6. If my home does not have adequate gas pressure coming into the property, is the upgrading covered under the Fixed Price Quote?

In the unlikely event that we discover that the gas pressure is not as required to install your new boiler, it is the home owners responsibility to ensure that the property has an adequate natural gas supply connection through your energy supplier.

7. What if you discover that my flue needs to be moved after we have agreed the contract?

That would be covered. Repositioning the flue may also mean that the boiler has to be relocated; all of this would be covered under the fixed price quote.

8. What if there is more pipe work involved than you first thought?

Any additional pipe work and the labour involved would be covered under the fixed price quote.

9. If you can’t carry out the boiler installation because there is a blocked drain would you cover this work under the fixed price quote?

It would be your responsibility to ensure that the drainage and water supply to your home is fully adequate and operational. These are not services that Help-Link can supply, so any work would need to be carried out by a specialist third party, paid for and arranged by you.

10. Are oil boilers cover under Fixed Price Quote?

Our Fixed Price Quote terms apply to gas and LPG installations only.

11. Following the installation of my new boiler, if I require pipework to be boxed in, is that covered under Fixed Price Quote?

Boxing in of pipework is not covered under Fixed Price Quote and is not a service Help-Link provides.

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