Workplaces in the Winter

Which is the coldest?

When the temperature drops there’s always that one colleague who moans about being too cold. But which workplaces are hit the hardest with wintertime woes, and which profession has the biggest complainers?

Below, 2,000 employees from seven working environments reveal the truth behind working in the winter!* See how your workplace compares.

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Temperature drop

Each year, office workers spend the equivalent of 5 working days complaining about the temperature.

Despite working in relatively snug 18°C environment, which is around typical room temperature, office workers still manage to find 41.5 hours, on average, each year to moan about the temperature. Which workplaces are the frostiest during the winter months and which ones spend the most time moaning?

temperature at work

The winter affect

Bar and restaurant workers are the worst for turning up late when winter arrives.

Few would deny Britain comes to a grinding halt as soon as the tiniest dusting of snow begins to settle. However, it seems that some workplaces are more resilient than others when it comes to poor winter weather. So, who are the biggest culprits for turning up late, and which workplaces suffer the most with productivity?

% of employees late due to winter weather

winter effect on lateness

% of employees less productive when it's cold

winter effect on productivity

Frosty opinions

Bar and restaurant workers are also the least happy with their job and working environment, followed by out at sea workers.

While some employees love their job come rain or come shine, others have more to complain about than a spell of chilly weather and appear to dislike their job regardless of the work climate and conditions. We discovered which employees are harbouring frosty feelings towards their workplace.

% don't like their job

don't like their job

% don't like the environment they work in

don't like the environment they work in

Winter work perks

Out at sea workers have it worst when it comes to sick pay and clocking off early.

Wintertime frost may make everything look picture perfect, but with it comes a host of nasty bugs and treacherous travelling conditions that can mean employees can clock off early. So, which workplaces are the most lenient about authorising sick days and allowing their employees to go home early in extreme weather?

% are paid for sick days

% can leave work early on a snowy shift


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* A Help-Link survey of 2000 employees across 7 industries conducted in 2017.