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What boiler do I need?

Whether your boiler suddenly breaks on you or if you’ve been thinking of replacing it for a while, it can be confusing to know exactly what boiler you need when there are so many options to choose from.

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Simply answer a few multiple choice questions about your existing boiler and we’ll give you a fixed price for a new boiler including all parts and installation[28]

It’s a good idea to first decide what type of central heating system you would like for your home.

You should start by asking yourself some key boiler questions.

Do you want a water cylinder or have a high demand for hot water?

If you live in a home with multiple bathrooms then it is most likely you will need a water cylinder to store and heat water to send to your taps when it’s needed. A combi boiler may not be the most appropriate boiler option for homes with a high demand of hot water because they may not be powerful enough to fulfil demand. If you live in a large home with many bathrooms a combination or system boiler may be a much better option for you.

Do you want your heating and hot water controlled from the same system?

If you’re concerned about saving space in your home and want to combine your heating and hot water into one compact system then a combi boiler could be the best option for you. Unlike other types of boilers such as conventional and system, a combi boiler will control your central heating from one compact unit. This means your taps should always run hot soon after they have been turned on as you don’t have to wait for a water cylinder to heat up.

Where do you want your boiler located?

The location of your current boiler may have an impact on what replacement boilers are most suitable. You can choose to change the location of your boiler when installing a new one, but it’s important to be aware that this can come at extra cost. If you want to keep the price of your boiler replacement down then it is best to get the new boiler installed in the same location as your old one. You can install a boiler in most rooms in a house as long as the property’s pipework allows it. Many people choose to have their boiler installed within their kitchen or inside a cupboard.

Which type of boiler is the quickest and less disruptive to install?

People generally find that swapping to an energy efficient boiler is beneficial in the long run despite any disruption that can be caused during installation. If you’re having the same type of boiler installed in the same location as your existing one then you may see very little disruption.

Changing the type of boiler that you have so this could be more disruptive and take longer to install. For example it is much quicker to swap a combi boiler with another combi boiler than it is to swap a system boiler with a combi boiler.

Once you’ve established your central heating needs and know the type of boiler you want, the next step is to decide on the boiler brand and model. We have been installing boilers all over the UK for over 20 years so we have the know how to make sure you get the perfect boiler for your home. We can talk you through a range of boilers available that could be suitable for your home so that you can make the right choice.

Try our short quiz below to determine what type of boiler you need and is best suited for your home.

What are you after?

Click an option and the boilers that could work for you will be highlighted below.

I want to use my loft space for a room conversion

I live in a flat/bungalow and have little or no roof space

I have more than 2 bathrooms in my home

My mains water pressure is low

I want to replace an old boiler to improve my conventional system

I don’t want to wait for my water to heat up

Recommended boilers for you…

Every home is different, our expert surveyors will visit your home and help you decide which boiler type is most suited to your home and lifestyle.

Combi Boiler

A combi boiler is a space-saving option which heats water immediately rather than heating and storing in a separate tank. This removes the need for a bulky hot water storage cylinder or cold water storage tank, as found with old boiler systems. To provide hot water, combi boilers are on constant standby and connected to the mains water supply. When a tap is turned on, the boiler is triggered into action and it heats the water through a heat exchanger, for on-demand hot water any time of day.

System Boiler

System boilers are almost a hybrid between standard and combi boilers. They use a hot water cylinder to store water, but the hot water system is stored within the unit – just like a combi boiler. They’re slightly more powerful than a combi boiler, which is great for busy homes, and compact enough to be fitted within a smaller house as no loft space is needed.

Standard Boiler

Standard boilers (also known as a conventional or regular boiler) are the traditional set-up, with a heating system, hot water cylinder and cold water storage tank. These bulkier systems take up significantly more room than a combi boiler, but are ideal for anyone with an older house as the system will already be set up, potentially making for a much easier installation. They’re also ideal for anyone with a large, busy house, or with weak local water pressure, as they should withstand simultaneous use. A new energy efficient model to replace an existing one could improve your old system.

Whatever your needs, our expert surveyors can help you find the right boiler for your home and lifestyle.

Want to talk your boiler options through?

A boiler is a big decision. If you want to talk through something in person, simply fill in the form below to give us an idea of where you are and one of our local advisors will give you a call back quick-sharp.

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[28] Exclusions apply. See

[79] Online discount is available to domestic gas and LPG customers who receive an online quote for all boiler brands excluding Vokera. Discount will be applied as long as the quoted price is still applicable at the point of sale. Online discounted price is only available for the duration of the 14-day quote validity which starts from the day the quote was given. Offer is not available to Help-Link UK Ltd employees.

Online discount can be applied as follows:
All boiler manufacturer types excluding Vokera are eligible for a 5% discount off the final quoted price. Conventional to combi boiler swaps also qualify for an additional £50 discount after 5% initial discount is applied.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
Offer available from April 2017. Any boiler quotations before this date will not be eligible for the discount post purchase. Help-Link UK Ltd have the right to withdraw or change the offer at any time.
Online discount is automatically applied when the customer gets a quote using the online quote system at and as long as the customer meets all the above criteria.