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Worcester Bosch vs. Vaillant

Worcester Bosch vs. Vaillant

Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are both popular brands within the domestic heating industry. As a result of this, many homeowners find it difficult to make a decision about which manufacturer supplies the best boiler for their home.

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If you’re in need of a new boiler and can’t decide between the two brands, this guide could provide you with the information you need to make your choice. Here we aim to present you with a detailed brand comparison to ensure that the boiler you choose is able to meet your needs.

About the brands

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch was founded in 1962 and have over the years established a commendable reputation within the domestic heating industry. Priding themselves on the production of high-quality, energy-efficient boilers, the brand’s dedication to manufacturing products that could meet a variety of central heating requirements has helped them become a popular household name.


Considered a pioneer of the combi boiler, Vaillant has maintained its esteemed reputation within the industry for over 140 years. Striving to provide homeowners with reliable and energy-efficient heating products, the brand manufactures their boilers with quality, performance and efficiency in mind.

Boiler Comparison

Here’s a brief comparison of Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boiler types:

Combi Boilers:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i Combi vs Vaillant Ecotec Pro Combi

Boiler Specifications Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30I Vaillant Ecotec Pro Combi 30
EPC Rating A A
Key Features Digital display, condensate siphon, weather compensation Quiet operation, easy to use display, fully modulating low NOx burner and fan
Size (height x width x depth) 710mm x 400mm x 330mm 720mm x 440mm x 338mm
Hot water flow rate (Litres per minute) 10.8lpm 12.3lpm
Standard Warranty 5 years 2 years
Other outputs available (kw) 25 24, 28

Regular Boilers:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic Regular 30 vs Vaillant Ecotec Plus Regular 30

Boiler Specifications Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic Regular 30 Vaillant Ecotec Plus Regular 30
EPC Rating A A
Key Features Boiler control knob, digital display, one button commissioning mode Backlit display, modulating system, push button programming
Size (height x width x depth) 760mm x 440mm x 360mm 600mm x 375mm x 316mm
Standard Warranty 5 years 5 years
Other outputs available (kw) 40 12,15,18,24,35

System Boilers:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27i System vs Vaillant Ecotec Exclusive with Green iQ System 27kW

Boiler Specifications Worcester Bosch Greenstar i System 27 Vaillant Ecotec Exclusive with Green iQ System 27
EPC Rating A A
Key Features Clear temperature display, low energy pump, on-board operational information and diagnostics Green iQ technology designed for low fuel consumption, Quiet Mark approved, extra-condense heat exchanger
Size (height x width x depth) 690mm x 390mm x 280mm 720mm x 440mm x 338mm
Standard Warranty 5 years 5 years
Other outputs available (kw) 30 N/A

The information provided in the above tables is as stated by the manufacturers.


On average, it is estimated that the cost of Worcester Bosch boilers could range between £750-£2000 (excluding installation), whilst Vaillant boilers could range between £796-£1400 (excluding installation). Both brands have strong reputations within the domestic heating industry so the prices of their products could be justified by their value and performance. Vaillant could be a great option for homeowners looking for a cost-effective yet efficient way of heating their home, however if you’re looking for a boiler system that is renowned for its reliability, quality and efficiency, then likewise a Worcester Bosch boiler could be an ideal choice for you.

Boiler warranty

A key factor that you should consider when choosing a new boiler is the warranty options available. After all, your boiler’s maintenance and aftercare is just as important as its installation. Boiler warranties are designed to provide you with peace of mind and reassurance in knowing that should a problem arise with one of your boiler’s components, its manufacturer could be liable to rectify the issue [5].

Worcester Bosch boilers typically come with a standard 5-year warranty, but here at Help-Link we could provide you with the option to extend this period for an additional 5 years for an added price of just £160[136]! Vaillant boiler warranties tend to range between 2-7 years depending on the model selected.

All warranties come with terms and conditions and it is important that you read them carefully regardless of the boiler brand you choose; as there are often requirements that could impact your warranty’s validity. For example, it is a requirement of most boiler warranties for an annual boiler service to be carried out. A service checks that the boiler is working safely and efficiently and aims to ensure that it is free from any existing faults. Contact us today to find out more about boiler warranties and how we could help with your boiler’s upkeep.

The Result

After careful examination, it’s fair to say that both Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are credible brands that manufacture quality boilers. In terms of reputation, reliability and warranty options Worcester Bosch boilers come out on top, with a Which? brand score of 92% (Which?). However, although Vaillant boilers have a lower Which? brand score of 78%, they have higher ratings than Worcester Bosch for ease of service and repair, which means that they could be easier to maintain (Which?).

All households have different requirements, and these tend to influence which boiler option is most suitable for your home. Our trained advisors and Gas Safe engineers are more than capable of providing you with the help and advice that you need in order to make the best decision for your home. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re still feeling unsure.

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[5] Subject to an annual service at the customer’s expense. Warranty extension from 5-years to 7-years or 10-years only available on Worcester Bosch. Warranty extension from 5-years to 10-years available on Ideal Boilers. All warranty extensions subject to an additional charge.

[28] Exclusions apply. See

[136] Boiler warranties can only be extended at the point of sale.