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Where in my house should I put my boiler?

We’re often questioned by our customers about the ability to re-locate their boiler to a more convenient position in their home. Whilst in many cases it is possible, there are limitations and additional costs to consider.

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Popular reasons for wanting to re-locate the boiler include home renovation, unwanted noise, it stands out against the rest of the home interior, or a significant obstruction in everyday household activity. By moving your boiler out of sight and into a more isolated area of your home, this could help resolve your problem.

Boilers could be located in various rooms throughout a property, but most commonly they’re installed in either the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or utility room. It should be positioned on or next to an outside wall because by regulation all new boilers installed in a property have to be condensing, which means they generate condensation and a discharge pipe is therefore necessary.

Your boiler must also be a suitable distance away from any doors or windows; each boiler has its own minimum flue clearance distance from openable doors and windows, which an engineer will be able to advise on. Furthermore, access to a waste pipe is required which is why the bathroom could often be a convenient place to have a boiler installed.

When a boiler moves, its pipework usually needs to move with it which will almost always add to the cost of your new boiler installation due to the extra time and labour required. Moving pipework could also mean that an engineer needs to take up carpets and floorboards in the process. Whilst a respectful and reliable installer will make every effort to create and leave as little mess as possible, this is inevitably a more complex job than a straight like-for-like boiler replacement.

If you’re planning on moving your boiler to another room, it is essential that you remember to install a carbon monoxide alarm in the room at the same time. In the rare instance that your boiler or other gas appliance has a carbon monoxide leak, it can cause life-threatening health effects.

Whilst many modern boilers are designed with reduced noise immittance compared to older models, they generally still emit some noise particularly when in operation. A boiler in a bedroom could cause some disruption which may not be ideal if you or a family member is a light sleeper. However, fitting the boiler within a cupboard or wardrobe could be the solution to concealing the noise. If you don’t have an existing cupboard to put the boiler in, you could get creative and have one purpose built!

If you have one, a utility room could be an ideal place to install a new boiler. Here it’s out of your general living space and gives you space in other areas of your home to use more effectively.

To install a boiler in the loft, the loft needs to be boarded out and there should be a loft ladder and adequate lighting. The boiler also needs to be fitted to a wall capable of supporting the weight. You’ll need to check that your boiler is built with frost protection too. If there is restricted space, so much so that it is not possible to stand up straight, you could have difficulty getting an engineer to service the boiler each year or see to any repairs. Modern smart controls could be fitted anywhere in the house though, so day-to-day operation of the heating could not require you to access the boiler itself.

With a loft installed boiler in a multi-storey house, it can be a long way for hot water to reach your kitchen tap, so there is a potential for wasted water and energy.

Placing the boiler in your garage allows the boiler to remain out of sight and no storage needs to be set aside within your home. Like with a loft boiler installation, it is vital that you make sure that your new boiler has frost protection and you have insulation to protect the pipes, otherwise they may freeze and cause your boiler to stop providing hot water.

Whilst many boilers now have a much more attractive and contemporary interface than older models, manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch and Ideal have also designed a series of compact boilers specifically to dimensions which could fit in a standard kitchen cupboard. So whether your new boiler is installed out of sight in a kitchen cupboard or out in the open in your living room, due to modernisation and innovation in design it could be much less of an eyesore or a hindrance than they once were.

Overall, because most boilers are room sealed they could be placed anywhere within your house on the condition that building regulations are met. If you would like to find out more about where in your home you could install your new boiler and how much it could cost, get a free quote and book a survey appointment online here.

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