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Should I switch off my boiler at night or when I go on Holiday?

Nowadays, money saving is a priority for most homeowners. It’s therefore no wonder why many are debating whether or not they should turn their boiler off during periods of infrequent use. These periods could range from overnight to the duration of summer. Although turning your boiler off may seem like the energy-saving option, your system typically uses a higher amount of energy to bring your property back up to what you consider to be comfort level once it’s switched back on. If you’d like to find out whether it could be worth switching your boiler off when it’s out of use, keep reading, we could provide you with some useful information that may help you.

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However, it is important to understand how your boiler and heating system functions, and always read the manufacturers user instructions before deciding if you want to turn your boiler off.

Should I switch off my boiler overnight?

Switching your boiler off overnight may turn out to be a less efficient option as it could mean that you’ll be firing it back up every morning, which as previously stated, tends to use a higher amount of energy. It may be more effective for you to consider using your thermostat to set your temperature lower if less heat is needed.

Should I turn my boiler off in the summer?

This may seem like a fairly plausible thing to do as boilers are typically less needed in the warmer months. However, presuming that you and your family will still require access to hot-water, it may be more suitable for you to simply set the boiler to hot-water only mode; alternatively, if you have a combi boiler installed, these tend to stay in standby mode until hot-water is requested.

Should I switch my boiler off whilst away on holiday?

Unlike the other two options, turning your boiler off whilst you’re away from home could actually prove to be effective. You won’t be needing access to your hot-water whilst you’re having fun in the sun, so you could switch your boiler off until your return.

One thing to note however, is that it’s typically recommended that you do not switch your boiler off if you go on holiday during winter or cold spells, as your pipes could freeze and you could risk being faced with central heating issues when you get back. Instead, you could leave your boiler on and set it to anti-freeze or frost mode to help ensure that the system is in working order when you return, alternatively you could set your timer to make the boiler come on for around an hour a day to help prevent frost. Additionally, if you invest in a smart thermostat, you could set your heating to come back on just before you arrive home, helping you ensure that your rooms are warm and toasty for when you get back.

Could turning my boiler off cause problems with my central heating?

Some boiler systems may be more temperamental than others, so switching it off for a longer time than usual could trigger an issue with your central heating. Having your boiler switched off for a prolonged period of time could also cause elements such as your valves and pump to seize up. To help prevent such issues from occurring and to give you peace of mind that your boiler is in working order, we recommend that you organise a servicing appointment either before or after you decide to switch your boiler off. This could potentially alert you to any issues that could cause a problem when you return or reassure you that your system is functioning appropriately.

All in all, there’s no definitive answer as to whether switching your boiler off is best or not, there are pros and cons of both options, so its ultimately reliant upon preference and what you are most comfortable with. If you’d like to discuss this topic further or if you’d like to arrange a servicing appointment with one of our Gas Safe registered engineers, get in touch with us today; our advisors would be happy to help.

The content on this page has been provided for information purposes only and should not be relied upon.

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[2] Source: Saving calculated when replacing G rated with A rated boiler in a semi-detached house.

[5] Subject to an annual service at the customer’s expense. Warranty extension from 5-years to 7-years or 10-years only available on Worcester Bosch. Warranty extension from 5-years to 10-years available on Ideal Boilers. All warranty extensions subject to an additional charge.

[28] Exclusions apply. See