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Is Your Boiler Broken? Here's What You Should Do

If something goes wrong with your boiler, it can be a real inconvenience. Here are safe and easy ways for you to identify where the problem with your boiler lies.

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A happily functioning boiler helps make a happy home, we're sure you'll agree. If something goes wrong your boiler, it can be a real inconvenience not to mention potentially dangerous. It is important that you take any sign of a boiler fault seriously; even if you can't smell gas but your boiler is showing minor signs of breaking down, please act as quickly as possible. Ignoring any problem with your boiler could not only be dangerous but could result in an invalidation of any warranty or insurance policy that you may have. There are safe and easy ways for you to identify where the problem with your boiler lies, but please never attempt to repair the boiler yourself. By law, only a qualified gas engineer should ever perform any work on your boiler.

Signs of a broken boiler

As well as noticing a lack of heat or hot water within your household, there are also some common indicators to look out for including:

  1. Unusual whistling, banging, clanking or tapping noises
  2. Higher than average gas usage indicates the boiler is not performing efficiently
  3. The pilot light or flame is orange/yellow in colour, which should normally be blue
  4. Will show a high pressure instead of continuing at a steady pressure

Check the boiler pressure

There is a pressure gauge or dial with 1-4 bars showing. The boiler pressure for modern boilers should typical range between 1.0 – 1.5 bar. If it's lower than 1 bar, most sealed systems won't function due to boiler safety devices. Use your manufacturer's instructions to refill to restart your system if your boiler pressure is below this range. If your boiler pressure is showing the correct level, yet you are still having issues, you'll need to contact your gas supplier or a qualified Gas Safe engineer.

Check the power supply

If you check your electrical supply and find that although plugged in your boiler is not turning on, then you should contact your electricity supplier. Power cuts can cause the boiler's clock to reset and lose your chosen settings. If possible reset your boiler and then test it's working by asking it to turn your heating on in 10 minutes time and wait to check that it does so.

Check the gas supply

To find out whether your gas supply is working or not, simply check that the other gas appliances in your household are functioning as usual. If your appliances aren't working, you can check with your neighbour's on whether their gas supply has been affected as well.

You should contact your gas supplier in the event that your gas stopcock is on but no gas is showing through.

Check the water supply

Check that your water supply is still turned on, if not then contact your water supplier to help investigate.

Another common issue can be to do with the pilot light on a boiler going out. The pilot light goes out most commonly on old boilers and can happen for several reasons. You can firstly attempt to ignite the pilot light yourself by following the instructions usually found in your boiler manual or located on the inside of the boiler door. If the pilot light continues to fail to ignite, you'll need to call in a qualified Gas Safe engineer to detect why your boiler is not igniting.

Check the thermostat and programmer

Your central heating programmer should be in the ‘on’ position and your thermostats set above room temperature. If the system works based on a timer it may be that the clock has gone forward or backward and needs to be adjusted correctly. Where necessary, the timer may need adjusting when clocks go forwards or backwards.

Frozen Pipes

Due to the cold climate in the UK, it is incredibly common that the weather can affect your piping system and frozen condensation can easily cause a blockage in the system. This blockage can cause the water to fill up the boiler and prompt a breakdown.

Whilst we advise contacting a qualified Gas Safe engineer to assist you with frozen pipes, you can try using a hot water bottle or pouring warm water onto the end of the pipe then follow by turning the boiler on and off again.

Still broken?

If you've tried all of the above and you're the still experiencing a fault in your system, get in touch to arrange a visit from one of our professional Gas Safe engineers who will be able to diagnose the problem and advise on the best solution.

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