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How to save money on your energy bill

Finding the best energy prices can feel overwhelming.

Between complex offers and regular news stories advising on the latest developments, it’s unsurprising many people feel confused.

To help, here we cover what to look out for when searching for a new energy supplier, offer tips for saving energy and discuss how your boiler could help you to reduce costs.

How to choose an energy supplier

With the big names often dominating TV and online ad space, you might think there are only a few suppliers to choose between. In actuality, there are lots of different energy suppliers – some large, some small.

Along with the obvious factors such as price, you should also choose a supplier based on customer service. Some of the large brands have been criticised in recent years for poor responses to complaints, inflexible rates and even inaccurate billing.

Which? can be a reliable assessor for many services, including energy suppliers. It uses large, national customer surveys to rate different energy suppliers based on a number of elements. Its 2016 energy survey reviews 25 suppliers based on real customer experience, making it a great source of information when considering your next supplier.

One limitation you may have when choosing a supplier is your location. While the big companies are likely to service the whole of the country, smaller suppliers may not cover your area. Ofgem hosts a list of accredited price comparison sites that can show you your options.

After you’ve seen what’s available, consider both the price and customer rating. Those who haven’t switched before could save money on a new tariff, but be sure to check review sites to see how their customers rate them, as this can indicate the level of service you could expect to see.

How a boiler can improve energy efficiency

Along with switching your provider, a new boiler could help make your home more energy efficient. An energy efficient boiler could also reduce your energy bills,– as well as being better for the environment.

All boilers have energy ratings. ‘A’ rated indicates the most energy efficient and the closer the rating is to an ‘A’, the more energy efficient. These ratings are given by official energy bodies, so you’ll know you’re purchasing a great boiler using this as a guide.

Combi and system boilers reduce energy by heating water on demand. This means you never pay for water to be heated that may go unused, which is often much more energy efficient, especially in small or quiet households.

Regular servicing is essential for maintaining the efficiency of your boiler. At Help-Link, all our boilers come with a manufacturer backed warranty of up to 10-years. A care plan can also provide you with 24/7 assistance if your boiler breaks down, and regular maintenance should ensure your boiler is consistently working at full capacity.

Consider a learning thermostat

The ‘connected home’ might sound futuristic and even far-fetched, but advancements in heating technology are starting to make this a reality. In the near future, appliances from your TV to your oven will be able to connect to each other via the internet, learn from your daily habits, and create an efficient home system that lowers energy usage to nothing more than what you actually use.

The Nest Thermostat is one of the leading appliances in connected home technology – and it’s available for use today. Once you install a Nest Thermostat, it learns from your habits to helps keep your home warm and comfortable whilst you’re there, and turns down the heating when you’re out– all without you having to do anything manually.

If you’re serious about saving energy (and money) a Nest Thermostat could be the best option. Take a look at our Nest Thermostat page to find out more.

Save money on your energy bill with Help-Link

If you want to learn more about how you could personally lower your energy bill, speaking with a professional advisor at Help-Link could give you the guidance you need to make the next step.

Whether you’re looking for a new boiler system, a replacement for your old boiler, or are thinking about connecting your home with Nest Thermostat, find out how much money you could be saving, today.

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