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Keep The House Warm In Winter By Running Your Central Heating Efficiently

Keeping your house warm in winter is about much more than just reducing your heating bills; it’s about feeling comfortable and not having to protect yourself from Jack Frost in your own living room.

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We’ve brought together all the best winter-warming tips in to one place, giving you the ultimate guide to stopping that precious heat escaping. Most importantly, all our suggestions are easy to implement, cheap, and sometimes completely free.

    1. Bleed your radiators

    Are your radiators on top form? If they don’t feel as hot as they should, it could be because they simply need bleeding.

    What’s the benefit?

    Air can occasionally get trapped at the top of your radiators, which prevents them from heating fully. Releasing this trapped air means more heat for your home.

    How do I do it?

    If you don’t have a radiator key, you can pick one up cheaply from a local DIY store. They’re easy to find and buy, so getting your hands on one shouldn’t be a problem.

    Insert the key at the valve at the top, and turn. The air will hiss and when you see the first drop of water come out, this is the point where you need to tighten up the valve once more. Make sure you prevent anything spilling onto your carpet by holding a cloth underneath the radiator key.

    2. Reduce the heat escaping through your walls

    Radiators aren’t the best at pointing the heat into the house; some of the warmth they produce is lost through the wall they’re attached to. Which is especially unhelpful if that’s an outside wall.

    What’s the benefit?

    If you reflect the heat that would otherwise be wasted back into the room, you’ll probably find that your room heats up a lot quicker and you may not have to keep the heating on as long. You might also save money on bills.

    How do I do it?

    All you need to do is put on your craft cap. Spend a few pennies on a piece of cardboard that will fit comfortably between your radiator and the wall, and enough tin foil to cover one side of it.

    By inserting this homemade heat deflection device at the back of the radiator, heat that would otherwise be lost through the wall should be reflected into the room. Simple!

    3. Heat your feet

    Heat escapes everywhere, even from beneath your feet. If your home is fitted with beautiful wooden flooring, it may look the part and even feel pleasantly cool to the touch in summer, but by the same token it can feel unpleasantly chilly in winter.

    What’s the benefit?

    By covering hard flooring with rugs, you can keep more heat in the room. Besides, rugs are much softer and warmer to walk on in the winter; so much more comfortable.

    How do I do it?

    You can pick up a rug from just about anywhere, and it doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Bear the colour scheme of the room in mind when picking one out and consider putting rugs down wherever you walk and sit on a regular basis.

    4. Lag your pipes

    It might sound tricky, but this isn’t just a job for professionals. In fact, it doesn’t even require any specialist tools.

    What’s the benefit?

    Putting an insulating cover over your pipes should mean the water passing through them is less likely to cool while it’s on its journey. Ultimately, it makes your heating and hot water much more efficient.

    How do I do it?

    You can buy pipe lagging (simple, foam tubes that are fitted without the need for tools) from many DIY shops, and often at a very reasonable cost. All you do is slip it over any pipework; it can literally take seconds to do.

    5. Patch up any draughts

    Can you feel a draught coming from somewhere? Perhaps from a window or a door – particularly if you don’t have a porch or a hall as a barrier. You don’t have to sit there and tolerate it; draughts can be sorted quickly and cheaply.

    What’s the benefit?

    For just a couple of pounds, you can buy some draught tape from a DIY shop that can help to insulate your doors and windows against the elements. You’ll prevent chills from entering your home and disturbing your cosy state.

    How do I do it?

    When you’ve got your draught tape and you’re ready to exclude draughts from your home, simply tape along where windows and doors meet their frames. Just make sure to clean the surface before you stick it down to ensure a good bond.

    6. Arrange a boiler service

    To make sure your home is warm and cosy, and you’re able to save money on your heating bills, it’s a good idea to arrange an annual boiler service so you know your boiler will cope with the winter months.

    What’s the benefit?

    When your boiler is heating your home efficiently, you’ll be more comfortable and may save money on your bills as a result. A service also gives you peace of mind that your boiler will have been checked for leaks and that an emergency repair bill shouldn’t be coming your way.

    How do I do it?

    This is the one thing here that you can’t do yourself. It’s very important that a boiler service is carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer; and all Help-Link’s boiler engineers have that critical accreditation.

    To arrange a boiler service through Help-Link, call us on 0203 841 5320 or use the contact form below.

    Staying warm in winter is essential, especially when you’re in the comfort of your own home. By following our 6-step guide, you could make your home a draught and chill-free zone. And if you’re looking for more tips to save money on your heating bills, read our guide!

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