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How Long Does It Take To Fit A Boiler?

Need a new boiler, or your existing boiler repairing? Here’s our advice on how much time to consider scheduling for different boiler scenarios.

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Time to A New Boiler

Has the time come to replace your old, inefficient boiler but you’re unsure of how much time it’s likely to take? Here we explain how long a typical boiler installation could take and how it can vary.

Bear in mind, if you haven’t yet had an appointment with a surveyor to obtain your quote for a new boiler then you’ll need to set aside approximately 1-2 hours for this. During your appointment, our expert surveyor will assess your home and current system to recommend the most suitable new boiler and determine the requirements for installation. This is a free appointment, at the end of which you’ll be given a no-obligation quote for your new boiler installation.

Same Boiler Type, Same Location

The time to fit a new boiler can vary considerably as it depends on the complexity of the installation. Generally though, if you have a simple like-for-like boiler swap where you are replacing your old boiler with a new boiler of the same type and making no change to the location, then your installation could take 1-2 days. However, this is assuming there are no complications with the rest of your system or home. See Additional Consideration below for examples.

New Location

To move your boiler to a new location could require the engineer to change the run of existing pipework or install new pipework to route to the new, desired location and also cap off the existing pipework. Therefore, this is could be approximately 0.5-1 day additional time. However, the further away from the original location you want the boiler moved, the more time it could take as more pipework may be required.

System Upgrade

If you are changing the type of boiler you have currently, this is what’s known as a system upgrade. Depending on the type of boiler you’re changing to and from can affect how long it takes to complete your installation.

If you were to change from a system or conventional boiler to a combi boiler, then the hot water cylinder and/or cold-water storage tank will need to be removed from the property. Once the cylinder is removed, the engineer will need to re-pipe the central heating system to accommodate your new combi boiler. This is typically a minor job with minimal additional time required, but a surveyor could advise you on the time implications specific to your property.

Reversely, if you’re changing from a combi boiler to a system or conventional boiler, then this is usually a more complicated installation that is likely to need extra time for the cylinder and any additional pipework to be installed. We usually recommend allocating approximately 2.5-4 days for this type of installation, however it could be more or less time depending on the specific requirements of your home so consult your surveyor or engineer.

Additional Considerations

Power flushing

Whilst we perform a hot chemical flush on every new boiler installation to rid your system some of the debris in your heating system, if your system is considerably old or inefficient then we recommend a power flush.

A chemical flush could take approximately 1-2 hours whereas a power flush usually takes around 5 hours to perform. Find out more about power flushing.

Upgrading your gas mains

If your boiler is considerably old, your pipework may not be suitable for the newer model that you want to install. New boilers and updated Gas Safe regulations means pipework needs to be 22mm as a minimum, whereas older boilers only required 15mm. If your gas run isn’t up to standard, it may need to be upgraded and this could take additional time. Time taken for this job can range from a few hours to a few days, therefore, we recommend having an informed conversation with your Gas Safe Registered engineer before booking a specific time period off work.

Time to repair your existing boiler

If your boiler has a fault which needs fixing, the time to repair will depend on the extent of the problem and the availability of parts required. A simple repair with easily accessible parts could take 1-2 hours, whereas a more complex repair could take multiple days to repair. We understand the inconvenience of a broken or faulty boiler, so will always do our best to get your boiler back operating correctly as quickly as possible. When you call us, we could attempt a soft diagnosis over the phone to advise an estimated repair time.

The information on this page relating to time to install or fix is intended for use as a guide only and should not be relied upon as an exact time per stated scenario. There are multiple considerations when fixing or installing boilers and related equipment, and this guide is not a substitute for a qualified opinion or survey.

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