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Popular Boiler Models

Popular Boiler Models

Help-Link aims to offer a selection of boilers to cater to a diverse range of households with different needs, budgets and preferences. We stock the following boiler types:

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Deciding which boiler type is the best option for your home isn’t your only task – you’ll also have to make decisions regarding the boiler’s brand and model. These decisions can be tough to make, especially considering the diverse range of boilers that we offer. To provide you with some extra help, here’s a selection of the boilers that we sell:

  1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi - This award-winning compact boiler from the popular Worcester Bosch brand is designed to provide your home with both heating and on-demand hot-water. Suitable for most small to medium sized homes with one or two bathrooms, this energy-efficient boiler is designed to give you optimum control over your heating with key features such as a user-friendly control panel and smart device compatibility.
  2. Ideal Logic Combi - A part of Ideal’s award-winning flagship range, this combi boiler is designed to be compact enough to fit into a standard kitchen cupboard and efficient enough to deliver both effective heating and instantaneous hot-water. Endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust, this boiler comes equipped with fully modulating operation designed to ensure that it only uses the energy it needs. With this boiler you could potentially lower your energy wastage and subsequently reduce your energy bills [92]! This model could be an ideal choice for you if you have a small/medium sized home and one or two bathrooms.
  3. Vaillant EcoTec Pro Combi Boiler - Aiming to provide homeowners like you with quality, reliability and excellent performance, Vaillant designed this combi boiler with user satisfaction and comfort in mind. A potentially suitable choice for most small homes with one or two bathrooms, this boiler is manufactured with the aim of delivering cost-effective and energy-efficient central heating. Key features include built-in two-stage frost protection which is designed to maintain the boiler’s performance in the winter, and Vaillant’s “aquaComfort” warm feature which was created to increase hot-water speeds.
  4. Baxi Duo-Tec Combi Boiler - A potentially great choice for most small to medium properties that have an average demand for hot water, this combi boiler is designed to provide effective and efficient central heating. The boiler has been designed with an easy to use pressure gauge and user-friendly controls to potentially enable you to monitor and control your central heating with ease. With a 7-year manufacturer backed warranty, you could have reliable central heating as well as peace of mind in knowing that you could be covered by Baxi if you face any problems with the boiler. Click here to find out more about this range.
  5. Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Regular Boiler - This regular boiler manufactured by Viessmann is designed to bring innovation to your home’s heating. Manufactured to be efficient, durable and quiet, this boiler has key features such as intelligent weather compensation which is designed to detect the temperature outside and automatically adjust its settings accordingly. This boiler is manufactured to provide central heating to homes with the use of an additional cold-water tank and hot-water cylinder.
  6. Intergas Rapid Combi Boiler - Manufactured with flexibility and energy-efficiency in mind, this unique boiler is designed to have the ability to be converted into a regular or system boiler. It is also designed to be fully condensing and could therefore reduce the amount of wasted energy; potentially allowing you to save money on your energy bills [92]!
  7. Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat Regular Boiler - Baxi’s Advance Heat regular boilers are designed for simple and convenient installation and use. Compact in size, these boilers have no extra wires to enable a potentially hassle-free installation and also allow both front and side access which could help make repairs and servicing easier. This regular boiler is also Energy Savings Trust endorsed, so it could be a suitable option for you if energy-efficiency is a high priority.
  8. Potterton Gold Combi - Available in a range of sizes, Potterton’s Gold range of combi boilers is manufactured to meet the needs of a variety of households, providing comfortable and efficient central heating. Key features include a built-in pressure gauge and intelligent system control to allow you to monitor and adjust settings as you please. This boiler is also designed to be fully modulating and could thus provide you with an opportunity to lower your energy bills by reducing your energy wastage [92].
  9. Glow-Worm Easicom3 System Boiler - This A-rated boiler is designed to provide you with a high quality, energy-efficient source of central heating. Compact in size, this system boiler could provide you with heating and hot-water without the use of a cold-water tank. It is also designed to operate with minimal noise emittance, so you could heat your home comfortably and quietly.
  10. Alpha Intec2 System Boiler - Alpha’s range of Intec2 system boilers aim to maximise energy-efficiency and reduce energy wastage, so installing one of these systems could help lower your energy bills [92]! Key features include advanced combustion management and frost protection, and with potentially quicker warm-up times and improved circulation, installing one of these system boilers could be a great way of enhancing your home heating.

All of the boilers listed could provide you with an energy-efficient means of heating and hot-water. We hope to help you narrow down your search for a suitable boiler, but if you’re in need of any extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our online free quote tool could also provide you with the help that you need; it could give you a personalised recommendation of a boiler for your home in just 30 seconds!

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