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All you need to know about the Baxi Duo-Tec Range

All you need to know about the Baxi Duo-Tec Range

Baxi’s Duo-Tec range consists of a number of boilers designed to deliver effective and efficient central heating to homes of various sizes. Here we provide you with a detailed guide that aims to cover everything we believe you might need to know if you’re considering getting one of these boilers installed in your home.

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About the range

The Duo-Tec range is made up of combi boilers that are manufactured to provide both heating and instantaneous hot-water all through one compact system. A popular choice for many homeowners, these boilers tend to be a great addition to homes with limited space as they don’t require any additional parts such as tanks or cylinders, which are often required with other boiler types (such as regular and system boilers).

These boilers are endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust, so you could rest assured knowing that they are designed to heat your home efficiently. Installing an energy-efficient boiler into your home could help to lower your energy bills by reducing energy wastage. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your household’s savings, a Duo-Tec boiler could be a suitable choice for you [92].

Sizes and suitability

Duo-Tec combi boilers have compact measurements of 780mm high x 450mm wide x 345 deep, making them reasonably space-saving with the potential to be hidden in a kitchen cupboard.

You should also consider the kW output that you’re likely to need for your home. kW output refers to a boiler’s ability to cope with your central heating demands and tends to depend on the number of bathrooms and radiators that are present within your home. It is important that you choose a boiler with a suitable kW output to help ensure you are provided with adequate heat and hot-water, without using excessive energy.

This table displays the kW outputs available from the Duo-Tec range and provides an estimated measurement of the heating that they provide as well as the types of households that they’re best suited to.

Boiler model kW output for heating kW output for hot-water Tap flow rate Ideal property type
24HE 20kW 24kW 9.8 litres per min at 35°C Smaller homes with up to 10 radiators and a lower than average demand for hot-water.
28HE 24kW 28kW 11.5 litres per min at 35°C Medium-sized homes with up to 15 radiators and an average demand for hot-water.
33HE 28kW 33kW 13.5 litres per min at 35°C Medium to large homes with up to 15 radiators and an average to high demand for hot-water.
40HE 33kW 40kW 16.4 litres per min at 35°C Large homes with up to 20 radiators and a high demand for hot-water.

(This information has been supplied By Help-Link limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)


A Baxi Duo-Tec boiler is generally estimated to cost between £700-£1200 without installation. New boiler installations can be expensive, however this range is designed to provide you with a cost-effective means of heating your home. With energy saving features such as its THINK combustion management system, a boiler from this range could monitor and adjust its output accordingly; aiming to help reduce energy wastage and maximise energy-efficiency.

Key Features

Baxi designed their Duo-Tec combi boilers with energy-efficiency, convenience and cost-effectiveness in mind. The range is manufactured with these key features:


Duo-Tec boilers come with a warranty period of up to 7-years to provide you with an added sense of security in knowing that if a fault occurs with your boiler, Baxi could be liable to rectify the issue at little or no cost to you [5].

In order to reap the full benefits of your boiler warranty, it is often required that you organise for your boiler to be serviced annually in order to maintain its condition. A yearly service could prolong the working life of your Duo-Tec boiler, as it provides an opportunity for existing or potential faults to be identified and later rectified. Contact us to find out more about Baxi Duo-Tec boiler warranties, our expert advisors could provide you with the answers you need.

If you think that your household could benefit from having one of Baxi’s Duo-Tec boilers installed, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we could provide you with the help you need. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are trained and qualified to advise you on which Duo-Tec boiler could suit your home and needs best, they could also conduct a thorough and professional installation.

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