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Central Heating Systems

Central Heating Systems

Your gas central heating system should complement your boiler to heat your home. To ensure that you have the right central heating boiler system, whether that’s a traditional radiator system or a renewable alternative, our specialist advisors can provide you with the expert advice that you require.

Having the right gas central heating for your home and individual requirements is essential, which is why we will always thoroughly assess your situation and help you to determine which type of central heating boiler and heating systems are best for you.

At Help-Link we work with the leading central heating manufacturers in all aspects of the system including the temperature controls, radiators and full renewable alternatives. Our engineers are fully trained in all areas of central heating systems, which is why we are able to provide everything from one off repairs to full boiler and central heating installations.

If everyone in the UK installed a condensing boiler we would save enough energy to heat 3.3 million homes a year.

99% of Help-Link customers rated our service as excellent and 98% said that they would recommend us.

Help-Link is the only heating provider offering the 10 year manufacturer backed warranty.

Help-Link’s condensing boilers use over 90% of the energy it creates.

16% of our domestic electricity usage is wasted by electronics being on standby.

If you purchase a new boiler from Help-Link you will receive a 10 year, manufacturer backed, warranty.

The Romans started to introduce central heating in the year 100 AD.