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Gas Boilers and LPG Boilers

Gas Boilers and LPG Boilers

Whether you are looking for a gas boiler or a boiler powered by liquid petroleum gas (LPG), we offer a wide variety of products to meet your needs

All of our gas boilers are also available as LPG boilers and are manufactured by leading providers Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Vokèra and Baxi.

As a boiler isn't a purchase that you make often, you may not know if you need a gas boiler or LPG boiler. The points below should help you choose:

Gas (natural gas) Boiler

  • Gas is piped into homes and businesses using an underground network of pipes
  • It is the most commonly used method for heating the home in the UK
  • It is also the cheapest option available to consumers. However, not all homes are on the gas network.

LPG Boiler

  • LPG is supplied in bottles/cylinders
  • It is normally used in rural areas where natural gas is not available
  • It is renowned for being more environmentally friendly than natural gas.

Regardless of whether your home is powered by a natural gas boiler or an LPG boiler you still have choices available to you. Below is a simple table highlighting the suitability of the three main types of boilers Combi, Regular or System – all of which are available from Help-Link through the leading manufacturers Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Vokèra and Baxi.

Some of the considerations for choosing a new oil boiler* Most suitable boiler
You want to use your loft space for a room conversion or other purpose Combi or System (unvented cylinder)
You live in a flat or bungalow (i.e. have very little or no roof space) Combi or System (unvented cylinder)
Your home has more than 2 bathrooms Regular, System or floor standing Combi
Your mains water pressure is low Regular or System
You want to replace an old boiler to improve an existing conventional central heating system Combi, Regular or System
There is a need to have hot water available on tap without waiting for it to heat up Combi

Gas Combi

gas combi boiler

Gas Regular

gas regular boiler

Gas System

gas system boiler

However, if this all sounds too bamboozling, our specialist advisors are always on hand to guide you through the decision process – contact us for more information. 

*If you would like a more technical explanation regarding further elements to consider, please contact us

Click here to view a table for some of the considerations for choosing a new oil boiler.