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Help-Link Brings “Affordable Warmth” to the Masses

Help-Link Brings “Affordable Warmth” to the Masses

01 February 2013

Help-Link UK Ltd is now an improved installer of the government backed ECO scheme which has been launched in January 2013 to help counteract the fuel poverty crisis that has been present in the UK for years.

One element of ECO that will be primary to Help-Link is the Affordable Warmth scheme. Affordable Warmth is a £4 billion project-with funding running till 2020- that has been set up to help UK residents that are currently living in fuel poverty, improve their central heating systems.

Help-Link’s is taking its status and social responsibility within the industry seriously by giving back to those that are classified as ‘vulnerable’ to the poverty crisis. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) , 4,000,000 ‘Vulnerable’ UK households residents live in fuel poverty at present, which is why Help-Link are keen to get involved and give back; by contributing their knowledge and expertise of central heating back to the community.

The Managing Director of Help-Link, Mel Butler states ‘We are really happy to be an approved installer for the Affordable Warmth scheme. We feel by being a part of the scheme, we are demonstrating our responsibility to give back to the community that we serve and the countries carbon footprint as a whole.’

Eligibility for the scheme is determined by on a number of different criteria, which is formulated by age of the applicant and the government granted benefit’s they are claiming.

The Affordable Warmth scheme basis its eligibility on the applicant living in the property, and not the owner of the property, therefore private landlords as well as homeowners can apply for the scheme, which widens the criteria from previous government schemes of the same nature in the past; in which only homeowners could apply for a grant.

The successful applicants will receive a new boiler and/or a new central heating system, based on what is required within their property; and no expense will be incurred to them for this service.

All of Help-Link’s boilers are new A* graded and high efficiency, therefore applicants can further save up to 40% on their gas bills, if they receive a new boiler through Help-Link and ECO scheme.

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