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Welcome to Help-Link UK

It's not nice when your boiler fails. Whether it needs replacing or repairing, you just want it to be up and running, quickly.

At Help-Link, we pride ourselves on doing just that. We provide a friendly service and offer simple advice that’s right for you.  
And by installing a new Help-Link boiler, we could even help you save money too.  

By keeping our customers happy and our staff motivated, we’ve been able to grow from a local engineering company into a national household name you can trust.  

For all your boiler installation and boiler repairs, trust Help-Link – the better boiler people.

If everyone in the UK installed a condensing boiler we would save enough energy to heat 3.3 million homes a year.

99% of Help-Link customers rated our service as excellent and 98% said that they would recommend us.

Help-Link is the only heating provider offering the 10 year manufacturer backed warranty.

Help-Link’s condensing boilers use over 90% of the energy it creates.

16% of our domestic electricity usage is wasted by electronics being on standby.

If you purchase a new boiler from Help-Link you will receive a 10 year, manufacturer backed, warranty.

The Romans started to introduce central heating in the year 100 AD.